On Successful Movie Trailers

There are certain movie trailers that I just cannot stop watching. After extensive research (aka falling down an addictive YouTube hole), I’ve reached a conclusion: Kanye West is the key. His songs are the magic ingredient; with their backing, a trailer is elevated from a simple commercial for an upcoming film to a mesmerizing experience that makes me want to go cliff diving, dance wildly in an underground club filled with people who speak various romance languages, and bathe in a pile of money. Benjamins only, please.

You’d like evidence, you say. Well, here you go. Happy Tuesday.

Limitless: “Power”

The Wolf of Wall Street: “Black Skinhead”

And my personal favorite, The Social Network: “Power”
Every time I watch this, I become convinced that can say no to Microsoft, and can drop out of Harvard, and can become the world’s youngest billionaire. All of this is logistically impossible.

Tell me that isn’t successful advertising.


5 Comments on “On Successful Movie Trailers

      • Absolutely! I love a good trailer anyway, but the music on this one really elevated it. I always think there should be a best trailer category at the Oscars.

      • Now that you mention it, I can’t believe they don’t. One of my favorite parts of seeing movies in the theater (and from what you’ve written here, you may feel the same) is new trailers. I get SO excited by pretty much each one and come out of the theater with a mile-long “must see” list.

        Also, I’m excited to check out your blog. I love horror movies and I see you cover a lot of them!

      • Yes, either that or I end up with a list of films I DON’T want to see! I hope you enjoy my blog, if you like horror, give the Halloween list a go, there should be something there for most horror fans.

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