On The Five Friends I Need In My Life

The other day, I got off the subway and started to make my way across the sidewalk so I could catch the walk signal. My pace must have been more tourist than native (in my defense, it’s been way too icy lately), because this teeny little woman in a big black puffer shoved my chest and bellowed “MOVE IT!” I was instantly flooded with the warm inner glow that only comes with having a real New York City moment. #blessed

So, to recap, I was just trying to navigate dangerous terrain and make it out alive when this stranger completely bulldozed me. That’s actually similar to the process of making friends in NYC.

In my time here, I’ve met many amazing people, a few I thought would be amazing friends who just turned out to be amazing stories, and every variation in between. Luckily, thanks to holdovers from high school and college and some gems I’ve chanced upon after moving, I’ve assembled a first-rate group of friends. They fall into these five general categories:

1. The One Who Makes Mondays Bearable

She works at: The cubicle a few steps away from yours

A typical quote: “OMG. THIS. DAY. Drinks???”

Her standard Insta shot:

She's a good source for desk inspiration.

Even at home, she’s much more together than you.

Her usual wardrobe: Fashion-forward business casual that she somehow transforms into post-work goddess gear when you head to the bar.

You love her because: If you’re into your job, she helps you kick even more ass and is always up for toasting your achievements. If you’re not, she understands your workplace vents like no one else. Either way, your bond is built on coffee runs and to-the-minute office news updates.

2. The Creative One Who Inspires You

She works at: A startup, dance studio, or art gallery filled with installation pieces that you suspect may actually be jokes. It’s either that, or you’re just a little too, uh, lowbrow (read: stupid) to get them.

A typical quote: “So I’ve been working on this macramé piece. It came to me in a dream.”

Her standard Insta shot:

You can usually find her in the woods.

For some reason, she is always in the woods.

Her usual wardrobe: Whimsical with an edge or black on black on black. Or something like high-waisted overalls that would make your butt look like you’re indulging in a diaper fetish. It works on her.

You love her because: She opens your mind to new ways of seeing the world. She also introduces you to cafés that are filled with equal amounts of fairy lights and bearded men who look like lumberjacks shipped in mid-chop from Vermont. And she makes the best granola.

3. The One Who’s An Accessible Girl Crush

She works at: A flashy job where she is constantly asked out by celebrities and getting free things that cost more than your rent.

A typical quote: “Got tickets to Leo’s new premiere. Wanna come?”

Her standard Insta shot:

On a yacht. Always with the yachts.

Yachts. Always with the yachts.

Her usual wardrobe: Better than yours.

You love her because: Even though she is brilliant, on a crazy career track, wealthy, gorgeous, and talented, she’s somehow not stuck up. While she is, as a whole, an aspirational human being, you can still be yourself with her. Also, she’s always trying to set you up with people who are so pretty that looking at them kind of breaks your brain.

4. The One Who Knew You During Your Awkward Phase

She works at: An office in the city she moved to after college, doing…something?

A typical quote: “Woah, remember Jason from 9th grade? The one you said kissed like a lizard? He got really hot.”

Her standard Insta shot:

She always has a cute pet that makes you want one except your apartment is the size of a closet.

She always has a cute pet that makes you want to get one except your apartment is the size of a closet so you can’t right now.

Her usual wardrobe: You only see her on social media, but her selfie game gets an A+.

You love her because: She liked you even back when you wrote things like ~LuSt~ as your AIM away messages. She is the best person to text when it seems like your entire graduating class just got mass-engaged. And because she has thousands of dollars worth of blackmail on you, but hasn’t cashed in (yet. Times are hard).

5. The One. Period.

She works at: A corporate job. You know she’ll own the place someday.

A typical quote: “I wish you were my wife because I just bought Krispy Kremes and want to get ice cream to put on top. I feel like you wouldn’t judge me.”

Her standard Insta shot:

This relationship is a trio and the third member is food.

This relationship is a trio and the third member is food.

Her usual wardrobe: On Saturday night, it’s a deep v-neck with a skater skirt and heels. On Sunday it’s old PJs while you two have a hungover MTV marathon and relive the previous night’s debauchery.

You love her because: Basically, she is a mix of everything you want (and never knew you needed) in a friend. The internet doesn’t have space for a list long enough to cover it, so I’ll leave it at that.

Okay, so these are my five essential friend types. What are yours?

Instagram image credits: @kattanita, @paigedepaolis, @angelcandices, @kourtneykardash, @maameokayyy


10 Comments on “On The Five Friends I Need In My Life

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    • Thank you so much, Julia! Would love to see yours, just requested access to it. I guess it’s actually a good thing I can’t view it now–I’m using any excuse possible to avoid going out in the snow and getting groceries, ugh.

      Hope I can take a peek soon!

    • That definitely counts, plus they can easily transition into friends!

      So funny, I see that you live in D.C. My boyfriend lives there so I visit a lot, and I’ve only just discovered its artistic underbelly. It’s harder to find than NYC’s, but I feel like it makes it that much more rewarding, you know?

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  3. I usually do not leave a leave a response, however I read a few of the comments here
    On The Five Friends I Need In My Life | This Is Just What My
    Face Looks Like. I actually do have a couple of questions for you
    if it’s okay. Is it simply me or do some of these
    responses appear as if they are left by brain dead folks?
    😛 And, if you are posting at other social sites, I’d like to
    follow you. Would you make a list of every one of your social
    networking pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

    • Hi there!

      As a blogger who’s just starting out, I’m so happy to get each and every comment someone leaves on my blog. I think even if someone did leave a comment other people thought seemed silly, I’d be happy with it, you know?

      I keep Facebook pretty private and locked down, but you can find me on LinkedIn here and Twitter here.

      Thanks for reading!

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